The Fiber Management Software

The Fiber Management Software

CableScout ® is a documentation and information platform that has been developed specifically for the management of telecommunications networks. It enables all types of fibre optic and copper networks to be documented and efficiently managed both on a physical, logical and virtual level, in other words, from the georeferenced position to the signal layer. cableScout® supports all relevant technologies in the transmission and access sectors including SDH, PDH, xWDM, xPON, Ethernet/IP, xDSL and FTTx.


It enables complete networks, together with all their associated buildings, trenches, ducts, manholes, cables, connections, active and passive components, signals and services, terminal devices, connectors and sockets to be displayed.


Great emphasis is placed here on the geo-referenced, correct positioning, scale and realistic representation of the objects, which is achieved both by a positionrelated object list and by mapping the relationship of the objects relative to one another
(e.g.: cable>duct>trench).


Attributes and documents can be assigned arbitrarily to each of these objects. For example, contracts, OTDR reports and invoicing information can be stored for every single fibre in the network.


CableScout ® is a modular system that can be equipped with its many functional modules making it customisable to the requirements of each individual company. The individual modules do not function alongside each other or even independently but their combined strength lies in their ability to integrate and interoperate with each other. Therefore all graphics including the geo-schematics, distributor view, connection view and schematic plan are interconnected and update each other in background mode.


This seamless interaction between geographic, functional and logical information ensures a comprehensive overview of the overall actual situation of the network at all times.


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